US ARMY | Honorable Discharge

On my 6th year of service I was catastrophically injured by an IED while attempting (and succeeding) to save the life of an Afghan National Army soldier, as well as at least 3 other soldiers near a “minefield” of IEDs. More than 3 years later I was honorably discharged, medically retiring from the United States Army. I was awarded the Silver Star, Purple Heart, and later became the USO Soldier of the Year, and was awarded and inducted into the Honorable Order of St. Barbara.


Volunteering & contributing

Throughout my life I’ve endeavored to help others. I’ve volunteered time with numerous charity organizations:

  • Consulting for IT & Technology.

  • Web | Design | Support Services

  • Video | Graphics | Identity development

  • Varietal Technical support.


Fighting boredom | Expanding Self

Web and Graphic Design dominated me for years, but now I also work with a complex arrangement of VFX (Video/Visual Effects), motion graphics, animation, photography, editing, color grading, image manipulation, drone photography, 3D CAD Design and 3D printing, Game Development, and Media Streaming are my latest interests and keep me entertained.

USO Soldier of the year 2011

served honorably

injured by ied kandahar, afghanistan


24 months deployed

IRAQ & Afghanistan


Walter Reed Medical Center



FULL time father