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October 2018

The Learning Library


So I've spent the last couple of years learning everything I can about After Effects. I've collected a somewhat vast knowledgebase for everything from color grading to expressions. Here's the playlist I use to keep track of the various tutorials I use on YouTube. Keep in mind, the embed is limited to 200, [...]

The Learning Library2018-10-21T01:57:29-04:00

May 2018

sourceRectAtTime() for some quick Lower Thirds


So I was looking for an excuse to try out some new functions I've recently learned in After Effects. Lo and behold, a friend reached out on Facebook for some simple title work. Feel free to toy around with the project file to get a look and feel you like for the first title. [...]

sourceRectAtTime() for some quick Lower Thirds2018-05-23T03:26:27-04:00