September 2019

Year 9


9 years ago, I died. I had thrown another soldier to safety, and took the brunt of an explosion intended to kill my platoon. In the months that followed I was virtually reconstructed from the inside out. I was given prosthetic legs, and forced to push through grueling pain, fatigue, depression, meanwhile learning about [...]

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June 2018

Father’s Day Updates


Every year I have to say goodbye to my daughter, as she leaves for the summer. Father's day has a particularly potent meaning for me. Lacking a father most of my life I am blessed to be adopted by a family who treats me as one of their own. They refer to me as [...]

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Udemy Courses are On Sale ($14.99 for everything)


Everything is on sale. For 132 bucks I managed to steal over a thousand bucks worth of courses, all of which are relevant. Everything from C++ to JavaScript and After Effects courses are sure to help you jump start your skills. Pick a couple of courses, spend $30, get $300-400 work of learning in. [...]

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August 2017

Basic Motion


It's amazing how something so simple can attract your attention isn't it? We just wanted to let you know, some tricks, tips, and tutorials will be flowing through Nubby Ninja soon. Stay tuned. ✍ We are still busy writing a few things up for you.

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July 2017

Free Stuff


Very soon I'm going to be compiling a list of free downloads including software, plugins, templates, icons and more. I have a LOT of resources I go to when working on creative projects, but no place to centralize those resources. As a result I often lose track of my own tools to finish my projects. [...]

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