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June 2018

Father’s Day Updates


Every year I have to say goodbye to my daughter, as she leaves for the summer. Father's day has a particularly potent meaning for me. Lacking a father most of my life I am blessed to be adopted by a family who treats me as one of their own. They refer to me as [...]

Father’s Day Updates2018-06-14T00:53:39-04:00

June 2017 – WIP


Everlasting ARK is the name of a server cluster I own. ARK: Survival Evolved, a hardcore survival sandbox that has become my obsession is one of the games I will probably never stop playing. Taming dinosaurs, riding dragons, fighting King Kong, exploring vast oceans, deep caves, and fighting hordes of dinosaurs, deathworms, wyverns, and [...] – WIP2017-06-11T22:58:10-04:00