October 2019

Working with BarRaider


BarRaider, a developer of some damned useful StreamDeck plugins opened up a channel for graphic artists and designers to offer up some supporting graphics for some of his upcoming plugins including a launcher for StreamDeck which gives you even greater control over customization of application launchers and more. He also wanted to update his [...]

Working with BarRaider2019-10-12T16:12:44-04:00

June 2019

June Update


So I've been keeping busy lately doing more with Unity and Blender. Trying to learn the game dev realm isn't as hard as all of that but it is time consuming. Sometimes I struggle with basic concepts which are similar in theory to 3D in After Effects with Element 3D but differ greatly in practice [...]

June Update2019-06-12T17:37:31-04:00

July 2017

AE: Type-On Preset


This simple typing effect could be useful for all kinds of neat projects. The Matrix anyone? You can pick up the After Effects preset (free) and see the tutorial at Tuts Plus.

AE: Type-On Preset2017-07-30T22:47:41-04:00

June 2017

Revive A Warrior Upgrades


Added over 40 VSOs (Veteran Support Organizations) to the Directory. Added 3 sorting methods. (Service, Entity, Region) Added "infinite scrolling" so pages only load what you scroll to. Added Mission page. Added various security and anti-spam safeguards. Upgraded the theme. Changed hosting provider to a much faster host. (Much, much faster).

Revive A Warrior Upgrades2017-06-21T12:55:02-04:00

Revive A Warrior


Revive A Warrior has been a long-dreamt goal of mine. The concept is very simple. To provide a list of resources that will help active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans, as well as their spouses, caregivers and families. Organizations can be filtered by name, the services they provide, and the regions they provide them [...]

Revive A Warrior2017-06-16T03:36:53-04:00