Every year I have to say goodbye to my daughter, as she leaves for the summer. Father’s day has a particularly potent meaning for me. Lacking a father most of my life I am blessed to be adopted by a family who treats me as one of their own. They refer to me as “son number 3”.

There are thousands of mothers and fathers away from their kids right now. This Father’s day remember all of the fathers who are stuck in terrible places, doing both wonderful and terrible things to secure our freedom.

Revive A Warrior got a temporary Father’s Day face lift to show our appreciation for all the deployed dads.

With that we’ve also finished the takedown of adoptasoldierplatoon.org, redirected the domain to aasp.vet; we’ve removed several vulnerabilities on raw.vet, and we’ve added some enhancements to our own site, nubbyninja.com.

All in a day’s work.