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March 2020



Silence. Unfortunately we're used to going months with it. Andrew Kramer is talented, skilled, attractive, popular, and he's making wave in the VFX/CG industry. Yes, that's a compliment. I know this started off sounding like a gripe, and it is... but for what it's worth, we've had some amazing years with some mind-blowing content [...]


June 2018

Father’s Day Updates


Every year I have to say goodbye to my daughter, as she leaves for the summer. Father's day has a particularly potent meaning for me. Lacking a father most of my life I am blessed to be adopted by a family who treats me as one of their own. They refer to me as [...]

Father’s Day Updates2018-06-14T00:53:39-04:00

May 2018

FX Console (updated v1.0.3)


There are plenty of free plugins out there, but few offer the functionality and usefulness of Video Copilot's "FX Console". The plugin applies effects with default settings (presets), takes screenshots, keeps a gallery for you, and more. FX Console was just updated to version 1.0.3 (Download it here). Andrew Kramer, per the norm talks [...]

FX Console (updated v1.0.3)2018-05-27T01:55:50-04:00

Music Timer (Audio Visualizer)


A friend asked me to put together an audio reactive countdown timer for his Twitch channel. Some streamers on Twitch like to use a countdown to accumulate some viewers before the show starts. 3rd Party Effects: Starglow (Red Giant | Trapcode) Optical Flares (VideoCopilot)

Music Timer (Audio Visualizer)2018-05-23T04:07:30-04:00

sourceRectAtTime() for some quick Lower Thirds


So I was looking for an excuse to try out some new functions I've recently learned in After Effects. Lo and behold, a friend reached out on Facebook for some simple title work. Feel free to toy around with the project file to get a look and feel you like for the first title. [...]

sourceRectAtTime() for some quick Lower Thirds2018-05-23T03:26:27-04:00