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March 2020



Silence. Unfortunately we're used to going months with it. Andrew Kramer is talented, skilled, attractive, popular, and he's making wave in the VFX/CG industry. Yes, that's a compliment. I know this started off sounding like a gripe, and it is... but for what it's worth, we've had some amazing years with some mind-blowing content [...]


May 2018

Music Timer (Audio Visualizer)


A friend asked me to put together an audio reactive countdown timer for his Twitch channel. Some streamers on Twitch like to use a countdown to accumulate some viewers before the show starts. 3rd Party Effects: Starglow (Red Giant | Trapcode) Optical Flares (VideoCopilot)

Music Timer (Audio Visualizer)2018-05-23T04:07:30-04:00