Unfortunately we’re used to going months with it. Andrew Kramer is talented, skilled, attractive, popular, and he’s making wave in the VFX/CG industry. Yes, that’s a compliment. I know this started off sounding like a gripe, and it is… but for what it’s worth, we’ve had some amazing years with some mind-blowing content from this man. So it goes without saying: He will be missed.

Even if he does manage to come back, release some new plugins, add some features to Element 3D, anyone who understands basic math, statistics, the stock market, or anything with diminishing returns, knows the end is nigh.

We will soon face the deafening roar of silence from Video Copilot, but we may not feel the impact of it for years to come. Like a star dying and the last light traveling across the massive expanse, giving us no sign of its death for billions of years after it has collapsed or turned into a dead rock.

But is there hope? Absolutely! There are millions of YouTubers dedicated to VFX, CG, and thousands who publish for After Effects alone. I can’t attest to the quality of every author… but I can say without a doubt the community will live on. There will be a power vacuum left behind which SOMEONE should fill, to their benefit, and our delight. Will they be as entertaining as Andrew Kramer? Maybe not…. or maybe so? Time will tell.

For now if you’re feeling burned out on crappy Udemy courses and need a break from After Effects, I highly recommend checking out and GameDevHQ’s YouTube channel. You might notice a similar voice. No, it’s not Andrew, switching gears to game dev. It’s a random coincidence. The vocal patterns are very similar. You might find your intellectual juices flowing again for Unity Engine the same way Andrew had us on the edge of our seat for After Effects content. And you should also look into Brackeys for inspiration. TONS of fantastic tutorials to get you comfortable with coding in C# and building games in Unity.

Maybe not. If game dev isn’t on the horizon for you, I get it. Believe me it’s like seeing Dreamweaver or Photoshop for the first time. What the hell do I do with all of this?! If it’s not for you or you don’t have the bandwidth to take on a new skillset, no one will judge you. If you do, there’s a MASSIVE community, multiple of them, willing to give you advice, feedback, and introductory information to help grow your learning.

Doing my best to cope in this dark time. In the mean time, I’ve assembled a rather large library of After Effects videos (Adobe sent me a pillow because of it. Steady resisting the urge to use it… but it’s so squishy!)

Most of it is After Effects but you will likely find other topics which might interest you as well.
List only shows 200, there are WAY more than 200 vids in the playlist.

If you need a little more, you can always yell at Andrew on Instagram.